Acknowledgement: piglet castration anaesthesia

05-09-2008 | |

Dutch company MS Schippers has obtained official acknowledgement for its new device the MS Pigsleeper. The MS Pigsleeper is developed for the anaesthesia of piglets with CO2/O2 gas (initially for the Dutch) and for Switzerland for the anaesthesia with Isoflurane gas. For both versions the company obtained official acknowledgement.

Safe alternatives
In the Netherlands approximately 11 million piglets are castrated on a yearly base without any form of anaesthesia. By answering the questions from the market, MS Schippers have developed safe and practical alternatives for the non-anaesthesia castration.

By means of the MS Pigsleeper the piglets are anaesthetised in an animal friendly way, without interference of veterinarians, nor any risks on residues in the meat. The piglets are castrated so called in the anaesthesia gas itself. Making sure the whole treatment can be performed on an efficient, safe and ergonomic way, caring on the same time that additional costs are limited to the lowest.

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