A programme of feeds for piglets from birth to weaning

01-09-2011 | |

Since its foundation more than 30 years ago, the Danish company Biofiber-Damino A/S has obtained considerable knowledge within the field of development and production of animal health products. The company has developed a feed programme, called Nursery Pack for newborn piglets, consisting of practical, effective, economic products, which cover the needs of the piglets for complementary feed from birth to weaning.

The programme includes:

SparkoDan- A liquid starting aid, particularly effective and rich, among other things, in bovine colostrum and fatty acids. SparkoDan provides rapid energy, essential nutrients and antibodies to piglets that are born weak or placed with a nurse sow. Two pump stroks of 2 ml  is generally sufficient to make the piglet strong enough to get access to a teat, thereby increasing its chances of survival.
FerkoFer- An iron supplement in the form of an oral powder that is well-known and appreciated. It is easy to use, with practically no labour required.
The iron injection takes time and creates health hazards. FerkoFer is a recognised alternative offering haemoglobin values equivalent to the injection, taking into account the natural behaviour of the piglets to root and explore. Just three measuring cups of FerkoFer is required for a litter of 12 piglets during the 10 first days of their lives.
It is well-known that piglets may develop anaemia if they do not receive iron supplementation, but the risk of overdosage of iron is often overlooked. New research has shown that it is not optimal to provide iron all at once for three weeks of growth. Too much iron also increases the risk of developing arthritis. Piglets must have iron at their disposal during a longer period as this allows the natural uptake mechanism in the intestine to regulate the absorption of iron according to the individual needs of both large and small piglets.
Playfeeder  FerkoFer is distributed on a rubber mat, a plate with a rugged surface, or in a Playfeeder, a specially designed feeding trough. This is the only trough usable from day 2-4 until weaning, because its design allows adjustment of the height, without tools, depending on the age and size of the piglets. It can therefore be used for the distribution of FerkoFer and later on the prestarter in the farrowing pen.
A university study conducted recently has shown that due to this trough, the feed intake in piglets can be significantly increased in the farrowing pen.
BiCando Gel – A product that is used in case of digestive disorders, or as a supplement to antibiotic therapy, providing electrolytes, glucose and natural plant fibres.

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