70-Station TEAM® System installed in China

02-11-2009 | |

Yangling Besun Agricultural Industry Group Corporation Limited has announced the installation of a 70-station TEAM® System in Yangling, Shaanxi Province, China.

Agriculture is an important part of the Northwest region of China around the Yangling territory, where the Chinese government promotes and encourages the use of technologically advanced equipment and ecologically friendly production procedures.

The Yangling Besun corporation, engaged in farming, feed manufacturing, hog production, and meat processing, employs nearly 500 people and is the largest company in the region. Yangling Besun selected the TEAM system because of Osborne Industries’ commitment to providing industry leading, high-tech automated livestock equipment that increases sow productivity.

The TEAM stations will allow Yangling Besun to reach their production goals by increasing sow farrowing rates and decreasing cull rates, creating an innovative and technologically advanced model for other production facilities to follow.

Yangling Besun is currently building five new breeding farms, each of which will house 3,000 sows. The
70 TEAM stations will be installed in three of the new farms by January 2010, and will be fully functional by March 2010.

The TEAM system, manufactured by Osborne Industries, Inc., is a large-pen management system for group housed gestating sows, facilitating individual sow management and feeding. The installation at Yangling Besun adds to the rapidly growing presence of TEAM systems in China over the past few years.

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