2011 Australian Pig Vets meeting to focus on Ileitis pig disease

04-07-2011 | |

Ileitis, a common disease of grower and finisher pigs that can cost producers between $8 and $13 per pig if not controlled, will be the subject of an address at the 2011 Australian Pig Vets meeting in Melbourne in July.

The Pork Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) is a major sponsor, supporting keynote speakers Dr Alison Collins and Dr Huub Brouwers of the NSW Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute (EMAI), Dr Megan Edwards of ACE Livestock Consulting, Dr Sue Yen Woon of Rivalea and Professor Mary Barton of University of South Australia.
Dr Alison Collins has researched ileitis and with Pork CRC support is developing two new diagnostic tests to help veterinarians and producers manage the disease. 
The first test is designed to be easy to use ‘on-farm’ and is intended to confirm if ileitis is causing scouring in individual pigs. 
The second is a laboratory test that can quantify the number of Lawsonia, the bacteria which cause ileitis, shed in pig dung. Currently available tests don’t differentiate between low and high numbers of bacteria.
“Use of both these tests will help producers evaluate the efficacy of vaccination, antibiotic medication, timing of medication strategies and improved hygiene, to control ileitis and reduce associated production losses,” Dr Collins said.