2008 Pork Industry Environmental Stewards

22-09-2008 | |

A strong commitment to the animals in their care, the environment and the communities that surround them are at the top priorities for the 2008 class of Pork Industry Environmental Stewards.

“These operations represent the industry’s firm belief that the land, air and water are resources that we care for, we don’t own them,” said Steve Weaver, president of the National Pork Board.  “They are resources to protect.  And that just as they have been available to us, we commit to make them available to future generations in the same shape, or in better shape, than they are.  All the pork producers that I know hold that same belief.”

The four pork production operations selected to represent the industry as 2008 Pork Industry Environmental Steward Awards are:        

• Enterprise Nursery of Madrid, Neb.
• Oetting Farms of Concordia, Mo.,
• O’Neel Farms of Friend, Neb., and
• Veldkamp Farms of Jasper, Minn.,

“This year’s winners exemplify the use of best environmental management practices.  From little things such as the use of energy-saving light bulbs, to the use of conservation-tillage practices designed to protect the quality of the soil, these operations go the extra mile to make things right for the environment,” Weaver said. 

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