2008: EU pig prices have gone up

30-01-2009 | |

The annual pig price research by the German pig organisation ISN shows that producers in the EU received far better prices for their pigs in 2008. The average price, deduced from weekly figures, was almost 13% higher than in 2007.

Every week, ISN collects the most important pig prices in thirteen EU member states and corrects these prices to a price for 1 kg slaughter weight per standard pig. This standard pig has been transported away from the farm, excluding VAT, including surcharges, and with basically 56% lean meat.

Judging by only prices, one could get the impression that pig producers all over Europe had a very good year, but that isn’t quite the truth. Cost prices were high as well, predominantly through high feed costs. This caused incomes from producers all over Europe to be vehemently in trouble. Only during the last months of 2009, feed prices decreased again.

In 2007, Great Britain ended at the top, now the Czech Republic took its place, with Great Britain only coming sixth. Prices for pigs only increased by 2.2%. The British pig industry has been under pressure for many years. Despite actions and campaigns to encourage British consumers to buy British pork, demand did not grow apparently, causing prices to rise.

Just like last year, Denmark ended last. The Danish pig producers are heavily dependent on exports to third countries. These markets however had difficulties as well as the euro was quite strong in comparison to the US dollar. (agd)

Table 1. Average European pig prices in 2008 in €/kg slaughter weight. Between brackets is last year’s score.

Country©2008©2007©2006Difference 07/08
1. Czech Republic (4)1.586©©1.359©©©1.424©©©©16.7%
2. Italy (5)©1.5701.3461.51716.6%
3. Poland (12)1.5251.230©©©1.27524.0%
4. Spain (2)1.5221.3761.51410.6%
5. Germany (6)1.5141.3031.45316.2%
6. Great Britain (1)1.5111.4791.5022.2%
7. Austria (7)1.5071.3011.43015.8%
8. Ireland (3)1.4771.3751.4297.4%
9. Netherlands (11)©1.4761.2721.40916.0%
10. Belgium (8)1.4561.2951.41912.4%
11. France (9)1.4361.2901.40511.3%
12. Sweden (10)1.4011.2891.3298.7%
13. Denmark (13)1.3671.2251.34111.6%