13 EU countries opted for pigmeat storage

20-11-2007 | |

The European Commission has reported a very high response to its offer of aid for private storage facilities for pigmeat.

By November 14, 13 EU countries had applied to use the facilities amounting to a total of 55,699 tonnes of pigmeat. The biggest store was in Denmark with 10,387 tonnes, followed by Spain with 9,159 tonnes. Germany followed closely with 8,965 tonnes, Italy with 8,871 tonnes and 4,187 tonnes in France. Both the Netherlands and Poland chose to store around 3,500 tonnes respectively.

85% of the pigmeat will be stored for five months.

Aid for pigmeat
Under the programme, which came into force on October 29, the Commission will guarantee aid to cover the costs of storing the meat amounting to: €164 to €337 per tonne for three months, €197 to €379 per tonne for four months and €230 to €421 per tonne for a five-month period.

The storage period can be prolonged by the Commission if the market situation so requires. If the storage meat is to be exported, the length of storage can be reduced to two months.

In total, Brussels expects around 100,000 tonnes of pigmeat to be privately stored, which translates into around €40m extra costs for the EU agriculture budget.

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