100,000+ piglets saved by Rescue Deck in Europe

04-10-2010 | |

Currently all through Europe litter sizes are increasing. This has led to more piglets with a low birth weight. These piglets need special attention provided by the Rescue Concept.

The Rescue Deck, a system to take care of the weakest piglets in prolific sow herds, is estimated to have already saved 100,000 piglets in Europe.
The concept was introduced in Europe in 2008 by animal nutrition company Provimi, headquartered in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The principle, which consists of a rescue deck and rescue milk – which consists of special milk which includes blood plasma, is aimed to provide more attention for those piglets with a low birth weight.
On-farm results have been consistent, said Pieter Wolleswinkel, the company’s swine group manager for North & Western Europe. Decrease of piglet mortality was shown, just as an increase of average weaning weights and improved reproductive indicators of the sows.
At the moment, already 1,000 rescue decks have been installed at various farms throughout Europe and it is expected an additional 100,000 piglets is saved in 2011.