10,000 tonnes of pork from processors to head for Ukraine

21-02-2011 | |

The Ukrainian Government has said that it will buy 10,000 tonnes of pork meat.

The pork to be purchased by the State Reserves was announced by Agrarian Policy and Food Minister Mykola Prysiazhniuk.
Prysiazhniuk said that the 10,000 tonnes of pork should have slaughter weight of UAH 13- 14/kilogram (USD 1/UAH 7.94). “For now, 32 transactions are concluded with processing enterprises,” said the minister.
Pig meat prices
Pork prices are currently low in Ukraine; however, with no export possibility and with a reduction in pig herds, price growth is expected. Despite the low pork prices currently, there are concerns that the situation may take a turn and a hike in prices may be looming in the future.