Zinpro: Gold sponsor of Leman China Swine Conference

13-09-2013 | | |
Zinpro: Gold sponsor of Leman China Swine Conference

For the second time in as many years, Zinpro Corporation has announced it will be a Gold sponsor of the upcoming University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine’s Leman China Swine Conference.

The meeting will be held October 13-15, at the Xi’an Qujiang International Conference Center in Xi’an, China. It will feature swine specialists from the United States and Asia presenting the latest scientific developments for swine disease and production management, specifically as they relate to challenges faced by producers in China.

“We are proud to once again partner with our neighbors at the University of Minnesota to support this valuable and historic event, designed to promote good swine health, nutrition and welfare worldwide,” says Joe Carrica, executive vice president – Global Sales and Marketing, Zinpro Corporation. “As the global leader in trace mineral nutrition, we have a long-standing commitment to bringing research-proven products and valuable educational tools to the animal feed industry in China, as well as all other markets we serve.”

In addition to its established sales and technical service team located at the regional sales office in Shanghai, the company has active research programs throughout the country. Research efforts are focused on investigating innovative nutritional solutions to help swine producers in China improve animal performance, and the subsequent productivity and profitability of their operations.

In 2012, Zinpro Corporation hosted its first regional Feet First Sow Lameness Symposium in Xi’an, China, following the inaugural Leman China Swine Conference. The symposium helped raise awareness of the prevalence, causes and cost of lameness in swine, while also offering practical solutions for monitoring and managing the problem. Since that time, the company has hosted several provincial Feet First seminars. Zinpro Corporation and the Feet First team hosted the world’s first global sow lameness symposium in 2008 in Minneapolis, Minn., USA.