WEBINAR: The effect of dietary stress at weaning

08-10-2018 | | |
Photo: Gustavo Frazao
Photo: Gustavo Frazao

Dietary stress at weaning will be the key topic of an upcoming webinar by Pig Progress and Hamlet Protein.

It needs no further explanation that of all the moments in a piglet’s life, weaning is undoubtedly one of the most difficult ones. Virtually all possible challenges come together – sows are being taken away, a change of feed, a change of environment and potential infections as litters are being put together.

This webinar will focus on the related negative effects of weaning stress within the animal, think of e.g. oxidative stress and inflammation. The webinar shall also discuss the impact of dietary stress during this very sensitive period and how this can be minimised by using the right diet components.

The webinar, which shall be held on November 1, will feature the following 2 speakers:


Dr Astrid de Greeff

Wageningen Bioveterinary Research, the Netherlands

Dr De Greeff works at the department of Infection Biology, which deals with the complex interactions between hosts (livestock) and pathogens. Dr De Greeff’s research is focused on host responses to infections, nutritional interventions, and vaccines in healthy and diseased livestock. She has a special interest in Streptococcus suis infections in piglets.

Dr De Greeff is also involved in several projects on (gut) health of livestock. At the webinar, she will talk about changes in gut microbiota and inflammatory processes around weaning.

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Dr Elke von Heimendahl

Global segment manager, Hamlet Protein, Germany/Denmark

Dr Von Heimendahl joined the company one year ago and has a more than 10 years’ experience in the feed industry. Dr von Heimendahl has a master’s degree in agriculture and a PhD in animal nutrition and physiology from Göttingen University, Germany.

On November 1, Dr Von Heimendahl will present information how oxidative stress and related inflammation can be modulated around weaning using nutrition and feed components.


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What, where, when?

The webinar will be hosted by Vincent ter Beek, editor of Pig Progress. Attendance is entirely free. The webinar will start at 3.30pm Central European Time. This corresponds to:

• Tokyo, Japan: 11.30pm

• Beijing, China: 10.30pm

• Bangkok, Thailand: 9.30pm

• Moscow, Russia: 5.30pm

• Johannesburg, South Africa: 4.30pm

• London, UK: 2.30pm

• São Paulo, Brazil: 11.30am

• New York, NY, USA: 10.30am

• Des Moines, IA, USA: 9.30am

• Mexico City, Mexico: 8.30am

• San Francisco, CA, USA: 7.30am

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