Webinar on microbial diversity in pig guts

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Photo: Dreamstime
Photo: Dreamstime

‘Microbial diversity’ will be the theme of Pig Progress’ next webinar, held in co-operation with animal nutrition and health company Alltech. The webinar will be broadcast live from Amsterdam on Wednesday, 14 June 2016.

The diversity of a pig’s microbiome varies along the different regions of the gastro-intestinal tract, with some regions having less tolerable conditions and containing reduced microbial diversity in comparison to regions that are more favourable to microbial growth.

The challenges of modern production practices can restrict the diversity of the gastro-intestinal microflora, in some instances resulting in an unhealthy imbalance, which can lead to the development of a vicious cycle of pathogen colonisation and recolonisation.


Microflora diversity and gut health

In the webinar ‘Microbial diversity: The key to gut health’, Dr Richard Murphy, research director at the Alltech European Bioscience Centre in Dunboyne, Ireland, will address the importance of microflora diversity in gut health.

He will explain how the company aims to repair and rehabilitate the gut microflora by making changes in the overall microbial diversity of the gut, reducing pathogen load, enhancing the gut’s resistance to pathogen colonisation and reducing the abundance of antibiotic-resistant strains.

The webinar, for which it is possible to sign up, will be hosted by Vincent ter Beek, editor of Pig Progress.

Webinar time

The webinar, which is free to attend, will be broadcast live from Amsterdam, the Netherlands at 10.00am Central European Time.

This corresponds with:

  • 11am in Moscow, Russia;
  • 9am in London, UK;
  • 3pm in Bangkok, Thailand;
  • 4pm in Beijing, China;
  • 5pm in Tokyo, Japan;
  • 6pm in Melbourne, Australia;
  • 8pm in Auckland, New Zealand;

The webinar will be available for streaming at any other date at a later moment.

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