Variation of nutrient content in a batch of growing pig meal due to segregation in the feeding silo and to transport with different feed conveyors

21-10-2010 | | |

Pig meal is a heterogeneous mixture of different particles. Each particle has a specific size but also a specific nutritional value. The particle size profile as well as average nutrient content of fattening meal is mostly quite similar between different batches.

However, different manipulations of a batch such as emptying the feed silo or distribution of the meal throughout the stable by a feed conveyor can affect the particle profile of the feed. The particle size of pig feed is related to feed digestibility (Al-Rabadi et al, 2009) and voluntary feed intake (Anguita et al, 2007), but it also affects the incidence of gastric ulceration (Dirkzwager et al, 1998) and the occurrence of tail biting (Brumm et al, 2008).
This study aimed to investigate possible variations in nutrient content of fattening pig meal between the point a new batch of meal is delivered in the silo and the point when the silo is almost empty. Secondly the effect of transport of meal by different types of conveyors on the nutrient content
An Cools; Dominiek Maes; Geert Janssens
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Ghent University, Merelbeke, Belgium
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