UK on track with disease preparedness

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UK on track with disease preparedness

Good progress is being made with the work to improve the country’s preparedness for exotic and emerging disease such as ASF and PEDv.

A round table, held under the auspices of the Pig Health and Welfare Council, identified a series of actions which are being developed by industry partners. These, along with an update on progress have been loaded onto the BPEX website.

One of the recommendations was to develop a biosecurity protocol for the import of live pigs and semen. The NPA has already updated these with risk management measures for both PEDv and Swine Deltacoronavirus.

BPEX has organised three biosecurity seminars for all those across the supply chain taking place in September and including the experiences of an American producer who has had to battle PEDv.

The NPA has led a review of current biosecurity resources for farms, feed, transport, abattoirs and live imports and discussions are taking place on biosecurity protocols for contractors for the fallen stock industry.

Finally a contingency plan is under development should PEDv actually arrive in the UK.

BPEX veterinary advisor Derek Armstrong said: “BPEX is also funding the testing of intestinal contents from outbreaks of diarrhoea in any age of pig on any premises in England and Wales.

“This work is being carried out by AHVLA and the results will be passed back to the pig unit’s veterinary practice.”

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