The use of bone metabolites excreted in urine as markers for evaluation of the phosphorus retention and status in grower-finisher pigs

21-10-2010 | | |

Phosphorus (P) has several physiological functions and is vital for the maintenance of the skeletal tissue. Due to environmental concern, P supply in feed is lowered in order to reduce P excretion. However, pigs may develop hypophosphatemia if P is not supplied in sufficient amounts resulting in reduced performance and bone strength.

This project addresses the effect of lowering the dietary P content. The overall aim was to combine results on P retention and excretion with physiological responses in urine and bones in order to evaluate if the urinary compounds are correlated to P intake and thus may serve as markers for sufficient P intake.
Kristina U. Sørensen; Hanne D. Poulsen
Dept. of Animal Health and Bioscience, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Aarhus University, Tjele, Denmark

For full presentation see attached pdf

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