The spread of ASF in Russia slowed down

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The spread of ASF in Russia slowed down

The spread of African Swine Fever (ASF) virus in Russia in recent months has slowed down and now it has almost disappeard, reported the Russian Ministry of Agriculture.

In October, there has been no registered outbreak of the disease at pig farms or private households.

Since late September veterinarians reported that the virus is circulating only among wild boars. As a result of this Russian authorities declared Volgograd region and Tver region this week free of ASF.  The Tver region during the summer of 2012 was  considered by Russian veterinary authorities as the most ‘disadvantaged’ ASF region.

Now the government of the region decided to lift the quarantine on ASF in Kesovogorsky, Kimry, Konakovo, Likhoslavl, Sandovsky districts of Tver Region.

The successes in the fight against ASF were also announced at the recent meeting of Ministry of Agriculture, chaired by Minister Nikolai Fyodorov. He pointed out that veterinary services should concentrate on continuing the fight against ASF. “Taking into account the ongoing outbreaks of ASF here we need to intensify efforts to achieve maximum reduction of the number and migratory activity of wild boars,” said the minister.

He pointed out that during the struggle with ASF considerable experience has been gained regarding inter-agency and inter-regional cooperation. 

At the meeting a temporary plan was also adopted to fight ASF. “The proposed ‘Action Plan for the Prevention and Elimination of ASF spread across the country’ by the interagency commission will help our country to fight this threat,”concluded Minister of Agriculture of Russia.

Vladislav Vorotnikov Eastern Europe correspondent
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