Taiwan: Focus on antibiotic alternatives for pigs

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Recently a seminar in Taiwan, themed ‘Sustainable and Green Developments in Animal Production – the Alternatives to Antibiotic Growth Promoters’, was held July 2010.

The seminar was held at the National Pingtung University of Science & Technology, Pingtung, South Taiwan, and was co-hosted by French company Olmix and Charoen Pokphand Taiwan. In total, over 180 delegates were present.

Hervé Balusson, chairman of Brittany-based company Olmix, highlighted the problem of finding alternatives to antibiotic growth promoters.

Balusson’s message was that antibiotics must be preserved for combating disease in humans and that natural growth promoters must be used as alternatives to AGPs. “Olmix has spent a great deal of time and money in order to bring a new natural growth promoter, MFeed, to the market.”

The growth promoter is made up of activated montmorillionite, diatomaceous earth, clinoptilolite, dried yeast, seaweed extract, essential oils and copper. The product primarily provides growing and finishing pigs with elements that can be converted to enzymes, which are important for the health of the digestive tract, specifically the small intestine.

Enzymes provide for the optimal digestion of feed, thereby allowing pigs to optimise their genetic potential for feed utilisation and weight gain. It also stimulates the immune system, keeping the pig healthy so that it grows and performs to its maximum potential.

Marie Gallissot, a member of the company’s technical support team, presented technical data to the attendees, highlighting a large trial carried out in the USA involving 4,800 growing pigs. Gallissot said that the product boosted average daily gain by 8.3%, reduced mortality and reduced diarrhoea.

“Olmix received the Best New Product Award for MFeed, at the Livestock Asia Show held in October 2009 in Kualur Lumpur,” said Trinh Quang Thanh, Olmix Asia Pacific manager. The product is now marketed in Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines and Taiwan. (Stuart Lumb)

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