Survey: Asians keen on NGPs

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A Biomin survey, held by Kasetsart University graduate students during the last VIV Asia in Bangkok, revealed that developments in Europe are being watched very carefully in Asia.

About 62% of those interviewed said to have plans to use Natural Growth Promoters (NGPs) for their animals, despite a lack of legislative pressure to do so.

Altogether 335 visitors were interviewed in March; the majority working in the poultry industry, followed by the feed and pig industry.

About 50% of the participants were from Thailand. Surprisingly the next bigger group were visitors from Sri Lanka and India, who amounted to 10%. Visitors from Australia and New Zealand amounted for about 5%.

The objective of the study was to get more insight on how the visitors to the VIV Asia view the future of animal production and related industries in the region.

In addition, the study aimed to assess industry views on the replacement of antibiotic growth promoters.

About 80% of the participants expect the industry to grow and to become more productive. Only 4% are pessimistic about the future of the industry as it exists today.

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