Stew Leonard’s adds natural pork to line

03-10-2008 | | |

East Coast retailer Stew Leonard’s has added natural pork to its line of all-natural meats. The company’s ‘Naked Pork’ contains no antibiotics, hormones or preservatives and is raised and harvested humanely. The new pork offerings join chicken, beef and salmon in the Norwalk, Conn.-based retailer’s “Naked” line.

“Customers want assurance that the meat, fish and poultry they buy for their family has never been given antibiotics or growth hormones, and is 100 percent vegetarian fed. That is why our all-natural Naked line has been such a hit, because it is a high-quality, affordable option to organic meat,” Stew Leonard Jr. said in a news release.

The firm’s Naked Pork product line uses the Duroc breed, known for its unique red coat and distinctive flavour. Naked Pork is available in pork chops and pork tenderloin.

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