Soon to come: Webinar on sustainable feeding solutions

20-09-2021 | | |
Photo: Wright Studio
Photo: Wright Studio

“Sustainability” is a major theme in animal production these days and it is no surprise that it is addressed by many parties and organisations, including those serving the pig feed business. Pig Progress will explore the theme during a webinar on Thursday, September 23.

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The webinar will consist of a strong deal of Q&A, preceded by 2 speakers who will share their view on sustainability with regard to feeding solutions – each from their own angle – after which there will be plenty of time for a proper Q&A session.

Nutribiosis, gut health and sustainability

The first speaker is Dr Amir Ghane, technical sales leader for animal nutrition for the Asia-Pacific at IFF. His presentation will revolve around nutribiosis and its impact on gastro-intestinal health and animal performance.

Environmental footprint of an emulsifier

The second speaker is Brecht Bruneel, innovation manager for animal nutrition company Orffa. He will zoom in on the environmental footprint of a nutritional emulsifier applied in diets for finishing pigs.

The webinar will be broadcast from Rotterdam, the Netherlands and will start at 11am CET. That time corresponds to:

  • São Paulo, Brazil: 6am
  • London, UK: 10am
  • Moscow, Russia: noon
  • Bangkok, Thailand: 4pm
  • Beijing, China: 5pm
  • Tokyo, Japan: 6pm
  • Sydney, NSW, Australia: 7pm
  • Auckland, New Zealand: 9pm

Register here for the webinar  

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