Science-driven solutions for China’s swine industry

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Photo: Leman China
Photo: Leman China

As the largest pig producer and consumer in the world, China is facing increasing challenges in preventing and controlling complicated pig diseases. Recent ASF break is another example. Moreover, low production efficiency, environmental pollutions, and increasing labour and feed costs are also adding burdens to the Chinese pork industry.

Leman China Swine Conference (Leman China) was introduced into China in 2012 with a goal to provide unbiased knowledge and science-driven solutions to the Chinese pig industry. Over the last 6 years, Leman China has developed to become the largest swine conference featuring a parallel pork expo in China, drawing more than 4,500 people in 2017.

About Leman China

Leman China, organised by the University of Minnesota was first introduced into China by Dr Bob Morrison and Dr Frank Liu. Leman China carries the same mission as Allen D. Leman Swine Conference which has held its annual meeting in St. Paul, Minnesota for the past 33 years. A large educational event for the global swine industry, the Allen Leman Swine Conference is internationally acclaimed for bringing science-driven solutions to the complex challenges facing the swine industry. To achieve the same goals, Leman China puts great emphases on providing applied sciences and contents to attendees. For the past 6 years, through collaboration with multiple parties, Leman China has grown rapidly and become a top brand swine conference in China and the region.

What people say about Leman China

Prof. Trevor R. Ames, dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine, the University of Minnesota said: ” Veterinary medicine is at the forefront of issues facing our world, from food safety to conserving our natural environment, from emerging infectious agents to diseases like cancer that can affect both humans and animals. Never has our work been more important. Over the past years, we’ve done a challenge project– to bring the conference to China– and achieved great success. This educational conference will continually give science driven solutions for the swine industry in China as it has always done.”

Yinglin Qing, the chairman of Muyuan Foods Co., Ltd who participates in Leman China each year said: “Leman China Swine Conference provides an unbiased platform for Chinese and foreign experts, scholars, farm managers and technicians to communicate. It will continuously bring more valuable information as well as good services to the Chinese pig produces.”

Huqu Zhai, the president of China Association for the Promotion of International Agricultural Cooperation said: “Since the Leman Swine conference has been introduced into China, it shares the latest international information and newest research result in pig breeding, production management technology, pig disease prevention and swine market economic analysis. Now Leman China Swine Conference is widely praised and recognised by industry professionals.”

Dingquan Zhang from Shaanxi CP Group said: “Leman China is an academic feast for the swine industry. Universities in foreign countries subdivide pig farming into smaller parts and each part is studied by college experts. I appreciate that the committee provides a chance for me to learn the latest research results carried out by experts which solve the complex technological difficulties in pig farms.”

Representatives from Boehringer Ingelheim said: “This year is the 6th year for Leman China. It is an international swine conference which always brings cutting edge information and research results into China and that’s the main difference from other similar conferences.”

A collective effort

The success of Leman China is a collective effort by many partners including local governmental agencies, professional associations, local organisers, speakers, sponsors, exhibitor, and participants. The World Swine Industry Expo held in conjunction with Leman China has become a successful exhibition for the swine industry in China. The Expo received the AAAA professional exhibition award given by the Ministry of Agriculture Exhibition Department.

Major players in swine industry have actively taken part in the event, including Boehringer Ingelheim, Zoetis, DBN Group, Ceva, Bioscwin, Pdmix, You Ben Vaccine, Yingzi Technology, MSD Animal Health, Muyuan, Henan Muxiang, Chr Hansen, Ringpu, Cahic, Hrving, New Hope Liuhe, Tecon, Hisun, Aode Technology, GHY, Wens, BOS, Lukang, DSM, Hysen Biotech, Novus, Elanco, Boen, CP Group, Pioneer B-pharma, BOS, etc. The World Swine Industry Expo has become a platform for displaying the latest technologies and products, learning industry trends, exchanging information, meeting with peers, clients, and friends from around world.

Photo: Leman China

Photo: Leman China

The 7th Leman China Swine Conference

The 7th Leman China Swine Conference and World Swine Industry Expo will be held on October 19-21, 2018 in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, Zhengzhou, China. The exhibition is expected to cover 40,000m2 with an estimated 6,000 people attending the conference and 30,000 visiting the exhibition. Delegations are expected from around the globe including China, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Mexico, Australia, Canada, United States, the Netherlands and France. The latter 2 countries will also set up country pavilions at the exhibition.

Photo: Leman China

Photo: Leman China

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