Reduced muscle growth in pigs sub-clinically affected with proliferative enteropathy

09-11-2010 | | |

Pigs clinically affected with proliferative enteropathy (PE) suffer diarrhoea, reduced growth and poor feed efficiency, which can cost Australian producers as much as A$7 per pig1. These costs do not include changes to body composition such as muscle growth.

The impact of sub-clinical PE is difficult to estimate because many producers are unaware of the problem. In this study we examined the impact of sub-clinical PE in real time on body composition, muscle growth and P2 backfat depth.
Alison M. Collins1 Shayne Fell1 Jolien van Straaten2 Nadine Bolsius2
1. Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute, Narellan, NSW, Australia; 2. University of Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands

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