Pulse NeedleFree swine vaccination available in Japan

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Pulse NeedleFree Systems, a supplier of needle-free injection solutions to the animal health industry, has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with I.P. Tsusho for the Japanese swine market.

I.P. Tsusho, an affiliate of Japan’s Ishii Group, provides animal health and husbandry products to Japanese livestock producers. I.P. Tsusho creates an important bridge between leading international suppliers and Japan’s livestock producers.

The president of I.P. Tsusho, Masahiro Takeuchi said, “We identify areas where emerging technologies can improve Japanese pork production and we work with leading suppliers to bring those technologies to Japan. Pulse’s expertise and success in other countries makes it a perfect fit for I.P. Tsusho, as we focus on products and services that enhance animal health, animal welfare and protection of the environment.”

“Pulse is very pleased to be working with I.P. Tsusho and to offer our best-in-class vaccination technology to pork producers in Japan,” commented Edward Stevens, CEO of Pulse NeedleFree Systems.

“Japan is recognised throughout the world for its high quality meat production standards and we are honoured to collaborate with a respected group like I.P. Tsusho to serve this market.”

Pulse NeedleFree Systems’ products improve animal health and food safety. By eliminating needles from the livestock vaccination process, Pulse reduces disease transmission between animals, reduces the risk of broken needles entering the food supply and improves efficiency in on-farm production.

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