Pig Progress to publish special edition on heat stress

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Pig Progress to publish special edition on heat stress. Photo: Bert Jansen
Pig Progress to publish special edition on heat stress. Photo: Bert Jansen

Ready for summer? Pig Progress and sister publications All About Feed, Poultry World and Dairy Global are publishing a special magazine on combatting heat stress in farm animals. This issue will be published in April 2019.

Heat stress is currently considered to be a major environmental factor impairing the welfare and productivity of food producing animals. It not only affects the livestock industry in tropical climates, it can also be a problem in temperate regions.

Heat stress affects all animals

The damaging effects of heat stress on broilers and laying hens for example are reduced growth rates, decreased egg production and poor meat and egg quality. Pigs are extra sensitive to heat because they do not sweat and have relatively small lungs. In breeding pigs, high temperatures in the barn can lead to infertility for example. Dairy cows use their nose as a cooling system and pant when it is hot, but they don’t have sweat glands in their skin. Therefore, heat stress can lead to a significant drop in milk production.

Signs, preventions and strategies

In this special issue on heat stress we delve into the solutions to combat heat stress in pigs, poultry and cattle. Effective approaches include:

  • changing the housing conditions
  • improve management practices
  • adapting nutritional strategies

You can also read about the signs, preventive measures and the strategies that can be taken to reduce the negative effects and to minimise farm losses.

Print and online exposure

This special edition will be sent out as a separate magazine with the regular magazines (print and digital) of Pig Progress, Poultry World, All About Feed and Dairy Global. This means a total circulation of over 60,000. All the articles will also be published online and highlighted in newsletters. Total reach of the newsletters are 53,000.

The heat stress special edition will be published in April 2019. The deadline is approaching and we have a few spots left! For more information on advertisement and sponsored articles for this issue, please contact us at salesint@proagrica.com.
Emmy Koeleman Previous editor All About Feed & Dairy Global
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