PED virus in maps

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PED virus in maps

About Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea (PED) virus, a lot is documented in the USA and Canada. Now Japan is reporting about heavy outbreaks too. Can we compare these figures? Here is my summary – a story in maps.

Question 1: Where has the recent wave of PED virus been confirmed? Each square represents a country – or a state/ province/ prefecture – provided that these data were available. (Click here to see map – PDF)

Question 2: Which states (USA), provinces (Canada) and prefectures (Japan) have been hit – and how many locations? (Click here to see maps

The occurrence in the USA appears more dense – although it is hard to compare since the density of farms in both countries is different. Don’t forget Japan is the world’s largest pork importer!

Question 3: When was each state, province or prefecture first infected? (Click here to see maps

Interesting question, as this shows the spread of the disease in new territories – in Japan colours are now darker than in the US.

That does not mean that the problem of new outbreaks in the US is over – one of the latest updates at the end of March showed a discovery of 247 new cases. This weekly number has come down only slightly from 315 mid-February.

Last but not least – I’m aware that this list may likely not be complete. Do you have more info, better details or interesting additions? Please do mail them to me at, drop me a line at Pig Progress on Facebook or send me a Twitter message.

If you would like to see the full map on Google maps, simply click here.

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