PCVD – From pathogenesis to protection

30-07-2007 | | |

Procine Circoviral Disease (PCVD) still frightens the pig world. Now solutions are coming onto the market, the disease should not cause anxiety any longer. That is the message of the new series ‘PCVD – From pathogenesis to protection’, that will run in five issues of Pig Progress in the coming year.

The virus created a lot of anxiety and worries as it hit North America in 2005, and problems are still on-going. Europe was hit earlier, in 1997, with a big wave a few years later, and many European producers are now fighting the disease on a more chronic level. Many farmers have adjusted their management to the situation, however, mortality rates and runts have still not returned to the levels before the actual PCVD outbreak. In this series, that lost ground is reclaimed.

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Progress Volume 23 No-6 2007
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