Paraguay keen to recover lost sanitary position after FMD

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The new president of the Paraguayan National Service for Quality and Animal Health (Senacsa) has indicated that the country should regain its lost animal health status.

Felix Otazú, appointed by presidential decree last week, told reporters that the goal is to continue to export meat and secure new markets.

Paraguay lost in late 2011 the status of ‘free from Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD)’ as the country had to vaccinate after the outbreak in September in Loma Sargento, in the department of San Pedro, central north of the country. The outbreaks predominantly appeared in cattle, but indirectly affected pork trade as borders were temporarily closed.

Upon detection of Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD), affecting cattle and pigs, the authorities declared a state of animal health emergency in the area and were forced to suspend exports. Senacsa president explained that ‘a strategic alliance, serious, calm, responsible and patriotic between the public and private’ would be made, directed to fulfill the vaccination process ‘in a timely manner.’

Otazú said that within the strategy they will also work to achieve higher percentage of immunity for cattle, which he said, ‘will be easy to recover the health status and gain new markets.’

Otazú was appointed to replace Daniel Rojas. Otazú will also chair the Interagency Committee for the eradication of FMD.

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