Norel: Gustor B Coated – efficacy in piglets

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An experiment was set up to evaluate the effect of two sources of protected butyric acid: Gustor B (Sodium Butyrate encapsulated with vegetable fat) and Calcium Butyrate encapsulated with vegetable fat (CBE) on performance, histology and Butyric acid content in Gastro Intestinal Tract of piglets.

A total of 352 animals divided in two groups with 8 replicates per group, were given either a standard diet with Gustor B Coated or the same feed containing Calcium Butyrate encapsulated with vegetable fat (dosage at same cost per ton of feed). The trial period was 26 days after weaning.
The Gustor B Coated fed animals showed a higher body weight (+1.5%), average feed intake (+2.9%) and average daily gain (3.5%) than those fed Calcium Butyrate encapsulated.  It also improved feed conversion ratio by 0.8% and had a higher concentration of butyric acid in the duodenum (+31%) and Colon (+24%) and showed a higher villi height (+24%), crypt depths (+20%) and mucosa thickness (+22%) than those fed CBE.
 It can be concluded from this trial that the addition of sodium butyrate encapsulated with vegetable fat,  allows more butyric acid to get to the distal sections on the GIT than calcium Butyrate encapsulated . It also shows a greater trophic effect on duodenum epithelial cells than CBE.
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