New PRRS vaccine introduced to European swine vets

13-06-2013 | | |
New PRRS vaccine introduced to European swine vets

A new effective alternative for the control of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) – the most costly disease in pig production – was introduced by Hipra

Unistrain PRRS was presented in the framework of the European Symposium of Porcine Health Management 2013 (ESPHM). More than one hundred of swine veterinarians from Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, Holland, France, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Greece and Russia, attended the ” Unistrain PRRS Meeting” that took place in the castle of Edinburgh, on 21 May.

The presentation began with the testimonials of veterinary experts and consultants of swine of international prestige, who gave his point of view regarding the present and future of PRRS. Then safety and efficacy tests conducted with Unistrain PRRS through the testimonial of the R&D of Hipra team, finally showing the process of production of vaccines in Hipra, opening the doors of the company’s facilities. The act was introduced by Isaac Rodríguez, Product manager of the vaccine.

David Nogareda, president and CEO of the company, closed the event stressing the commitment to Hipra becoming the Reference in Prevention in Animal Health.

This meeting is part of the launch campaign of Unistrain PRRS, which began in April and will last until the end of June in all European Union countries.