New outbreaks of ASF reported in Belarus

23-09-2013 | | |
New outbreaks of ASF reported in Belarus

Two new outbreaks of African swine fever (ASF) have been discovered in Belarus over the past few days. According to the local veterinary services the first case of ASF was recorded at a private farm in the Danilovtsev village of the Grodno region.

In response to the outbreaks local authorities have tighten control on pigs kept at local. A number of farms in the region will be closed and pigs culled. Local veterinary services have not given details of how many pigs died in the outbreaks nor how many are due to be culled.

Another case of ASF was reported in the village Krishtofovo in the district of Dzerzhinsky, the Minsk region, hunters found three carcasses of wild boars, which died due to ASF.

In response to the spread of ASF Belarus may soon radically change the rules for having pigs in the whole territory. Thus, the government plans to implement a new set of demands for the biological protection of the farms. Also the authorities say that soon pig farmers will only be permitted to buy feed from certain companies – the list of which will be limited and set by special decree by the government.

Vladislav Vorotnikov Russian correspondent