New Nutriad lab in Kallo: testing and customer service

23-08-2012 | | |
New Nutriad lab in Kallo: testing and customer service

Nutriad has announced the completion of a completely new laboratory at its production site in Kallo, Belgium. The lab is not only for quality testing of raw materials and products, but is also designed to be a service for customers dealing with quality issues, Ann Stuyven, quality engineer at Nutriad, said.

“Our priority is to make sure customers are satisfied, which we achieve by working together on added value. We are really looking for constructive means of cooperation in order to ensure added value for our customers, in conjunction with all other departments.”

The lab is equipped with the latest analytical methods and equipment. Samples, including both raw materials and end products, are taken to the lab to be tested for quality, conforming to physical and chemical specifications,.

Most of the samples tested will come from the production site Kallo itself; but it is expected that samples from other locations will be tested as well.
Improved streamlining
For the coming time, Nutriad will focus on further streamlining the laboratory’s activities, as well as dealing with new products and raw materials. The production in Kallo will also scale up, so the lab can monitor a greater production capacity.

Quality issues
On the other hand, the lab sees the task of monitoring as support. Support for production; for the quality system of Nutriad and for customers dealing with quality issues during the production process. Stuyven: “Products must do what they are supposed to do and the laboratory must play its role during the entire production process.”

Nutriad, with its headquarters in Belgium, delivers additives for ruminants, pigs, poultry, pets and aqua over 80 countries worldwide today, supported by 4 application laboratories and 5 manufacturing facilities that are located in 3 continents.