Neonatal diarrhoea in piglets from E. coli vaccinated sows in Sweden

09-11-2010 | | |

The importance of virulent E. coli in the pathogenesis of neonatal diarrhoea in piglets has been well established since the 1960´s. The development of vaccines and proper vaccination routines of sows combined with good hygiene standards have reduced the problems with neonatal diarrhoeas to a minimum.

However, despite proper vaccination routines the incidence of neonatal diarrhoeas has increased during the last years in several countries. This syndrome have been suggested the name New Neonatal Porcine Diarrhoea (NNPD). The aim of the present study was to search for possible causes for such diarrhoeas in Sweden.
Lennart Melin1 Per Wallgren1 Sigbrit Mattsson1 Michael Stampe2 Monika Lofstedt2
1. National Veterinary Institute (SVA), Uppsala, Sweden; 2. Swedish Animal Health Service, Skara, Sweden

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