Lithuania to support farmers affected by ASF

16-04-2014 | | |
Lithuania to support farmers affected by ASF

Lithuanian farmers affected by African Swine Fever (ASF) may soon start participation in a program of receiving assistance from the European Union (EU). Local authorities claim that Lithuania developed a scheme of assistance for farmers affected by ASF.

“We will not leave pig producers affected by African Swine Fever. We want farmers, villagers, very small and medium-sized enterprises to have the opportunity to create a new business, perhaps alternative to the agriculture activity,” said the Minister of Agriculture of Lithuania Vigiliyus Jukna.

The Lithuanian Ministry of Agriculture expects that farmers will be able to apply for assistance from the EU in the framework of rural development programs such as “The transition to non-agricultural activities.”

Farmers may apply for assistance under the simplified procedure where the amount does not exceed 260,000 litas (US$104,000), and apply for funding for projects where the amount does not exceed 690,560 litas (US$275,000).

It is assumed also that the support program will be operated only in the areas affected with the ASF: in the municipalities of Alytus , Šalčininkai, Varėna.

It is assumed that applications will be accepted in May and June of this year.

Vladislav Vorotnikov Russian correspondent