Ileitis vaccination improves feeding in pigs

26-11-2007 | | |

In view of the rising feed costs, the German Association of Pig Producers (ZDS), has drawn attention to the ileitis vaccination, which improves consumption in the pig fattening phase.

The ZDS referred back to studies by the Dutch University of Wageningen which revealed that pigs vaccinated with the ileitis vaccine were feeding 25 g more than their non-vaccinated counterparts.

At the end of the fattening period, the vaccinated pigs weighed 2 kg more. The utilisation of the feed was 0.2 points better with the use of the vaccine.

Faced with a feed price of €19.50 per 100 kg feed, for example, an increase in profit of around €3 per pig could be reported. The more expensive feed becomes, the more profit can be gained from the vaccine.

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