Histopathological findings in fetuses positive on porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome by PCR or immunohistochemistry

18-11-2010 | | |

Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) can cause reproductive disorder in naive dams infected in the third trimester of pregnancy.

Severity of gross and microscopic lesions in fetuses depends on the virus properties and the age of the fetus [1]. Segmental, a perivascular and transmural haemorrhages and multiple edemas with necrotic arteritis of umbilical cord together with lesions in myocardium, lungs, brain and liver usually can be seen [2, 3] but are infrequent.
Detection of PRRSV in fetal tissue is usually done by RTPCR [1]. Immunohistochemistchemical (IHC) detection of PRRSV antigen in fetal thymus can be also used [1, 4, 5].The aim of this study was to describe gross and microscopic lesion in fetuses from cases of abortion attributed to PRRSV and to evaluate the incidence of PRRSV detection by PCR and IHC.
Dinko Novosel1, Tomasz Stadejek2, Katarzyna Chrabos2, Zoran Lipej1, Besi Roic´1, Andreja Jungic´1
1. Croatian Veterinary Institute, Zagreb, Croatia;
2. National Veterinary Institute, Pulawy, Poland

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