Herd closure as a strategy to eradicate PRRSV not always a success in large sow herds

18-11-2010 | | |

Understanding the dynamics of PRRSv persistence is essential for the development of successful PRRS control and eradication programs1.

Among these, “Herd Closure” – a months long closure of the sow herd – is considered to be one of the most successful. It relies on consistent natural exposure that should provide a “sterilizing immunity” to all breeding stock on the farm leading to the natural disappearance of the virus by replacement of positive animals over time2.
We decided to use Herd Closure as initial strategy to eradicate PRRS from three large sow herds (site one) in northern Italy with some disappointing results.
Giampietro Sandri1, Patrizia Pesente2, Davide Giovanardi2
1. Agricola Tre Valli, Quinto di Valpantena – Verona, Italy;
2. Laboratorio Tre Valli, S.Martino Buonalbergo, Italy

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