Iowa State University issues new pig vaccine guidelines

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pig vaccine guidelines
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Researchers at the Iowa Pork Industry Center (IPIC) at Iowa State University (ISU) have released guidelines for vaccinating pigs. These will help veterinarians and producers make the best decisions possible. Since its start in 1994, IPIC has striven to promote technologies and provide information to maximum efficiencies for producers.

On behalf of his team, Dr. Chris Rademacher, Iowa State University extension swine veterinarian and IPIC interim director, is excited to offer the up-to-date information and timely reminders in these guidelines. He recently stated that “we want producers and pig owners to look through this file and use it as a starting point for conversations with their veterinarian. Age, health status, disease pressure, and purpose all impact which vaccines should be administered in swine.

Rademacher stresses that the guidelines must be adapted to each farm, and that each farm needs a unique vaccine protocol and schedule.

Resource format

The 2-page Swine Vaccination Considerations IPIC 206 is available for free at the ISU Extension Store. The publication is formatted in a chart that provides a list of diseases, time of administration, basis of risk and available product types. It applies to various phases of production (weaned and breeding pigs for example) as well as pet pigs and show pigs.

For example, the chart indicates that the Influenza A vaccine should be given to breeding animals and show pigs in the form of a commercial or autogenous vaccine.

Along with other diseases, swine flu is an ongoing concern in the US, and has recently been transmitted to humans. In July, a presumptive case of swine flu in a person was reported at an agricultural fair in Michigan. Several pigs at the fair had also tested positive.

ASF vaccine

Whether 1 or both vaccines made in Vietnam for African Swine Fever will be available in the US – and therefore fall under this IPIC resource – remains to be seen. The Global Disease Monitoring Report from the US-based Swine Health Information Center indicates that the ‘AVAC ASF LIVE’ vaccine has shown positive results in clinical and a team from the US Department of Agriculture also confirmed research findings during spring 2023.

Meanwhile, authorities in the Dominican Republic are working with the Vietnam government to start use of the NAVET-ASFVAC vaccine.

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Treena Hein Correspondent