Digitalisation: Impact on the future of the feed industry

22-03-2022 | |
Sorin Albeanu. Photo: Covantis
Sorin Albeanu. Photo: Covantis

Misset International, the publisher of Pig Progress, All About Feed, Poultry World, and Dairy Global, recently spoke to Sorin Albeanu with Covantis, Switzerland. He will be presenting at the upcoming Global Feed Safety Summit taking place in Berlin from 6-8 April 2022.

Covantis, launched in February 2020, is a digital platform for post-trade agri-commodities execution. The company’s current shareholders are ADM, Bunge, Cargill, Cofco, Louis Dreyfus, Marubeni, and Viterra.

Leading the commercial team and looking after business growth and platform adoption across agri markets and commodities at Covantis is Sorin Albeanu, who has spent the last 15 years in roles responsible for the business growth of platforms and electronic networks used for energy and commodities trading.

Misset took the opportunity to speak to Albeanu ahead of the Global Feed Safety Summit. He will be presenting on day 2 of the event on Thursday 7 April.

What will you be presenting at the event?

“We will discuss the future of the agri industry regarding digitisation and the steps to get there. In addition, we will provide a clear perspective on what problems we are looking to solve in the short, medium, and long term. During my presentation, I will also share a clear view of Covantis, an industry-owned blockchain platform, and its achievements so far in the Brazilian and North American grains and oilseeds markets.”

What are your thoughts on the future of feed safety?

“I believe we will see an increased demand globally for commodities that must comply with high safety standards, and regulations will become tighter to enforce this change in agri markets. In line with this, customer expectations are increasing, and this will lead to a change in how suppliers and traders operate in the market.

“At Covantis we are looking to support this change and make sure there is a transparent, efficient, and secure platform that connects all parties in the agri ecosystem to exchange data related to the bulk vessels being traded across the globe.”

Natalie Kinsley Freelance journalist