Coming soon: Seminars on antibiotic reduction, gut health

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Full house at one of the Misset seminars during a pre-Covid-edition of VIV Asia. Photo: Vincent ter Beek
Full house at one of the Misset seminars during a pre-Covid-edition of VIV Asia. Photo: Vincent ter Beek

Pig Progress is going to be prominently present at the upcoming edition of VIV Asia in Bangkok, Thailand, on Thursday 9 March. Two in-person events will be held – one on gut health and one on antibiotic reduction – and as the seminars are being recorded, viewers can also access remotely or on-demand.

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The seminars will be held, one closely after the other. The seminar ‘Antibiotic reduction’ will take place at noon, Thai time, in room Jupiter 9 and will last for roughly 45 minutes. The seminar ‘Gut health’ will start exactly 1 hour later and will take place in room Jupiter 5. Both seminars are free to attend.

Seminar ‘Antibiotic reduction’ at noon

The seminar ‘Antibiotic reduction’ will feature 2 keynote speakers, preceded by a Pig Progress introduction. Speakers will include:

Dr Jessica Seate, director of veterinary science at Animal Science Products

Seate will zoom in on pig lung health issues related to, for example, swine influenza virus (H1N1) and Pasteurella multocida and how challenges could be fought using guafenesin as non-antibiotic intervention.

Dr Xandra Smith, director, innovation and product development at Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production

Smith shall zoom in on enteric problems with pigs. Her talk will revolve around a 3-pillar strategy to reduce antibiotic use, focusing on early microbial succession, a healthy microbiome support and assessment of bacterial pathogen challenges.

Seminar ‘Gut health’ at 1pm

The seminar ‘Gut health’ will feature 4 keynote speakers, including:

René Bonekamp. senior researcher swine and product manager swine at Schothorst Feed Research

In this introductory presentation towards the topic of gut health, there will be attention on nutritional support. Bonekamp shall look into several aspects of swine physiological well-being.

Dr Lea Hübertz Birch Hansen, product manager, swine at Chr Hansen

Hansen will zoom in on the theme of gut integrity and which role probiotics can be playing with that. In particular she will spend attention on the avoidance of a compromised gut barrier.

Dr Torben Liermann, managing director at Provita Supplements

Liermann will focus at a holistic approach to improve gut integrity, with an emphasis on feed additives. He will include probiotics, solid state fermentation products as well as inactivated zinc oxide.

Yoko Noguchi, senior technical service representative North Asia at IFF

The nutribiotic state is the angle Yoko Noguchi will take in her presentation during this ‘Gut health’ seminar. She will discuss practical approaches to improve the nutribiotic state of piglets to optimise production performance.

Other Misset events during VIV Asia

VIV Asia will be held from 8-10 March. Apart from the seminars by Pig Progress, also sister titles Dairy Global and Poultry World will take the opportunity to hold in-person seminars. These will also be live-streamed and available for viewing on demand.

Dairy Global’s seminar will touch on ‘Maximising farm margins’ and will be held on Wednesday 8 March at 11am Thai time. The seminar by Poultry World will focus on ‘Gut health’ and shall commence on Thursday 9 March at 11am. Registration for these 2 seminars can also be done through the link below.

Starting times of the Pig Progress seminars

As said, both events will be recorded and available for attending live or on demand. On Thursday 9 March, the Pig Progress seminars will start at noon and 1pm Thai time, respectively. Those times correspond with:

  • London, UK: 5am and 6am
  • Amsterdam, the Netherlands: 6am and 7am
  • Kyiv, Ukraine: 7am and 8am
  • Beijing, China: 1pm and 2pm
  • Tokyo, Japan: 2pm and 3pm
  • Melbourne, Australia: 4pm and 5pm
  • Auckland, New Zealand: 6pm and 7pm

Click here to register for both seminars (in-person/at a distance)

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