ASF Italy: Wild boar cases around Rome rise to 10

23-05-2022 | |
A healthy wild boar in a forest in northern Italy. - Photo: Canva
A healthy wild boar in a forest in northern Italy. - Photo: Canva

There does not seem to be an early solution in sight for the ASF situation around Rome. Whilst general media have jumped on the animals being a plague for Italy’s capital, the number of infected wild boar has risen to 10.

The latest cases were all found in a relatively small area in the Riserva Naturale dell’Insugherata, a natural park in the north west of Rome, between outskirts and the city’s ring road.

Degree of emergence

The data in Table 1 illustrate to what degree the emergence of a second infected zone has contributed to the complicating situation in Rome. In the Eternal City, an infected zone has been identified, which means that restrictions and activities can be carried out in that particular area.

ASF situation in northern Italy

Also in the northern area, which is partly located in Liguria and partly in Piedmont region, an eradication plan for the selective killing of wild boar is on the way. This should happen e.g. with the use of wild boar traps, after which the caught animal will be killed.

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Vincent ter Beek Editor of Pig Progress / Topic: Pigs around the world