DuPont TM disinfectant product celebrates 25 years

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DuPont, a global leader in farm biosecurity, is celebrating the 25th anniversary of Virkon S disinfectant, still the most proven livestock disinfectant in the world with a significant number of approved label claims against OIE List A Diseases.

 Virkon® S was one of the first oxidative disinfectants to be used on the farm and continues to lead the way in livestock biosecurity programmes, having been deployed successfully against 500 disease-causing pathogens.
Launched in 1986, the peroxygen formulation of Virkon S was researched and developed over a five-year period by T.R. Auchincloss, the technical director and founder of Antec International. As the global livestock disinfectant of choice, Virkon S achieved rapid sales growth. In recognition of this ground-breaking disinfectant technology, DuPont acquired Antec in 2003.
Virkon® S is selected by the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization and governments world-wide to secure biosecurity and strengthen Emergency Disease Control (EDC) contingency planning. The product played key roles in bringing the 2007 U.K. foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) crisis, and more recently the 2010 Japanese and 2011 Bulgarian FMD outbreaks, under control.
Now with governments worldwide aiming to reduce prophylactic antibiotic use, greater emphasis is expected to be applied to biosecurity and the use of proven disinfection agents, ensuring that Virkon® S remains at the forefront of preventative and continuous biosecurity solutions for many years to come.
“Millions of pounds have been invested in performance, safety testing and international product registrations,” said Rok Trost, global business and marketing manager. “As a result, Virkon S has extensive data demonstrating efficacy against more than 100 strains of virus in 22 viral families; as well as more than 400 strains of bacteria and more than 60 strains of fungi; all at a variety of contact times, temperatures and organic challenge levels.”
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