Delhi to track down Japanese Encephalitis outbreak in pigs

23-12-2011 | | |

The government of Delhi and the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD), India have joined forces after 17 blood samples from slaughtered pigs tested positive for Japanese Encephalitis, a viral disease prevalent in Asia similar to the West Nile virus.

“We met the Delhi health minister and have decided to call a meeting of our veterinary and public health department and the Delhi government’s animal husbandry department next week to think of ways to stop the spread of disease,” said Dr V.K. Monga, chairman, public health committee, MCD.

Anxious to track down the source of the mosquito-borne viral disease, 100 samples will be taken from pigs both reared in the city and imported from other states.  

The lack of a slaughterhouse in the city has problematised the how the government and MCD can constrain the disease.

“Culling of pigs is not an option, but we will lay emphasis on having good pig rearing places and an official slaughterhouse for pigs,” said Dr Monga.