Compatibility of vaccines against atrophic rhinitis and neonatal E. coli diarrhea

28-10-2010 | | |

In modern swine production sows are vaccinated against several diseases, either to protect the sows or to protect the sows’ progeny (or both). This leads to the fact that sow vaccination schemes can become very extended and very complex. To be able to work more practical and to reduce the number of injections for the sows, farmers are eager to look for options to combine vaccines without compromising on the efficacy.

Porcilis AR-T DF (1) and Porcilis Porcoli DF (2) are two vaccines that are given to pregnant sows to pass on passive immunity through MDA to their off spring to protect them against atrophic rhinitis and neonatal E. coli diarrhea, respectively. Porcilis AR-T DF contains a subunit of the P. multocida toxin (PMT) in combination with B. bronchiseptica (Bb) cells and Porcilis Porcoli DF contains purified fimbrial adhesins (F4ab, F4ac, F5 and F6) and the E. coli heat labile toxin (LT). Since both vaccines require the same vaccination schedule (basic vaccination 8-6 weeks and booster / re-vaccination 4-2 weeks before farrowing) and both vaccine use Diluvac Forte (d,l- α-tocopheryl acetate) as the adjuvant, it was tested in the present study if injection of the vaccines after mixing would influence the antibody responses against the individual vaccine antigens.
H.M.J.M. Swarts1 M. Murmans2 M. Witvliet2
1. ISPAH, Global Marketing Swine, Boxmeer, Netherlands; 2. ISPAH, Microbiological R&D, Boxmeer, Netherlands

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