Coming up: Webinar on insect oil in pig nutrition

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Business man pointing the text: Free Webinar; Shutterstock ID 278415077; PO: WP
Business man pointing the text: Free Webinar; Shutterstock ID 278415077; PO: WP

Can insect oil be a useful ingredient in swine nutrition? And how? The (positive) answers to these questions will be the key components of a webinar that will be broadcasted on Thursday, June 17, 3pm CET.

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The webinar will be hosted by Pig Progress in cooperation with Cargill Animal Nutrition and InnovaFeed, headquartered in France.

Use of insect derived ingredients in swine feed

The use of insect derived ingredients in swine production has been a discussion topic for many years. The subject recently received a boost when the European Committee on Plant and Animal Health voted in favour of allowing the use of processed animal proteins use in animal feed. Insect oil is already permitted for use in swine diets – this webinar will be all about the journey to bring insect oil to pork producers in Europe.

In the webinar, called ‘Insect oil: a new tool driving sustainable pig production’, various speakers will address the story of using of insect ingredients in animal feed. The bigger picture will be painted, insect oil will be discussed, including a life cycle analysis as well as how pigs respond to insect oil. Obviously, the consumer side will not be forgotten.


Speakers are Dr Graziano Mantovani, strategic marketing and technology lead swine Western Europe at Cargill Animal Nutrition and Chloé Phan Van Phi, head of marketing and sales at InnovaFeed, France.

Webinar broadcasting times

The webinar will be broadcasted from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, at 3pm CET. That time corresponds to:

  • Des Moines, IA, United States: 8am
  • New York, NY, United States: 9am
  • São Paulo, Brazil: 10am
  • London, UK: 2pm
  • Moscow, Russia: 4pm
  • Bangkok, Thailand: 8pm
  • Beijing, China: 9pm
  • Tokyo, Japan: 10pm

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