China: Antibiotics a hot topic at seminar

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China: Antibiotics a hot topic at seminar

Recently, on the 12th formulators’ seminar held in Hohhot of Inner Mongolia, the experts discussed how to correctly use the antibiotics, achieving growth promotion without the occurrence of diarrhoea.

Approximately 250+ participants from different husbandry sectors attended the meeting. For example, feed formulators, veterinarians, entrepreneurs as well as other related workers.

Lu Dexun, is the Chinese  professor of ruminant industry, pointed out the traditional diet theories and technologies’ innovations were imperative. The vulnerability was reflected in the feeding standard, breeding management, technology optimisation and prediction function. He showed that the use of systematic science whose basic characteristics are system integration and dynamic optimisation can help build the diet theory and technology system with distinct characteristics of era; optimising the technical theory involved feeding mode and the nutrition engineering technology. He also emphasised the need to form a complete system including optimisation techniques, nutrition and overall assessment of diagnostic technologies.

Ji Cheng professor from China Agricultural University introduced the mycotoxin’ biodegradable technology, he cited the large amount of data and empirical information on the biodegradation of mycotoxins to prove this technology is the most effective measures to livestock development.

Zheng Xuyang, DSM enzyme products’ manager in China area, analysed the different and advanced system between two pig nutrition standards of NRC2012 and NSNG2010, providing a convenient choice of standard for feed formulation design. Xiong Jiansheng from Chinese Animal Husbandry Industry Company Ltd pointed out in today’s Chinese pig industry should use medicinal additives, but need guidance even more.

Quan Zhizhong,  the founder of Shenyang Complete company which is the owner of Chinese feed pre-digested patent, noted the use of feed pre-digestion technology can make the feed nutrients easier to digest and absorb, increasing the beneficial dietary factors.

From Chinese South Agricultural University, Huang Xianhui and Professor Zeng Zhenling shared the “the dosage forms design and application of mixed feeding ” and “the safe use and reasonable application of feed antibiotics,” separately,  they gave detail elaboration on the drug selection, administration and work pathways.

Zhengzhou Aiding company’s Dr. Liu Junqi advocated the use of the functional feed additives with a stable chemical structure and function, forming the prevention and control measures of diarrhoea.

Xu Ming professor from Inner Mongolia Agricultural University emphasised with his combat experience that the high-quality roughage is the key to improve dairy production, moreover, the management and nutritional standards are also important.

In addition, Daniel Rosen doctor of American Pharmgate Animal Health introduced the current health challenges and intervention in USA, he pointed out that the use of chlortetracycline in US had achieved good effect, but the reasonable choice should be based on specific disease. Then he gave some advice on the use of antibiotics.

The meeting was held by Chinese Xumuren, Jinhe Animal Protection Network and Xumuren magazine, while being co-sponsored by the Beijing Hongmu Network Technology Company and Jinhe Medicine Company.