Ceva Swine Team conduct latest symposium

12-09-2011 | | |

The latest in a series of Ceva University Symposia “Actinobacillius pleuropneumoniae: From the Microscope to the Field” was held in Budapest, Hungary 4 – 6September 2011. The scientific program focused on the epidemiology, pathology, and vaccinology surrounding A.p. Over 100 guests attended from Asia, South America, and Europe to share knowledge about the disease.

Prof. Dominiek Daes, Ghent University, Belgium kicked off the event presenting “Epidemiology, pathogenesis and control of A. pleuropneumoniae infections.” Other speakers included Prof. Joachim Frey, University of Bern, Switzerland, who highlighted the role of APX toxins. Prof. Palo Martelli, University of Parma, Italy, reviewed the differential diagnosis of porcine pleuropneumoniae, SPES lung scoring, and radiographical changes in various phases of A.p. disease identified during a recently completed trial.  
Dr Vilmos Palya, Dr Miklos Tenk and Dr Roman Krejci, from Ceva’s scientific teams, presented the latest developments in vaccinology and challenge models. The scientific program concluded with a panel discussion allowing attendees to interact with the speakers, sharing knowledge on to how to combat A.p
Ceva University Symposia aim to share scientific knowledge between swine veterinarians and producers fostering partnerships aligned with Ceva’s mission to go “Together, beyond animal health”.
Dr Stefano Gozio, Director of Swine Corporate Marketing, commented: “This type of Ceva University symposium demonstrates our commitment to the swine sector. We aim to highlight the importance of animal health and the ability of the industry to meet the growing demands for pork both now and in the future”.