Canada: Manitoba producers adopt PulseNeedle-Free technology

08-12-2010 | | |

The Manitoba Pork Council has announced that one fourth of all Manitoba pork producers are using needle-free delivery technology in their vaccination programs.

Pulse NeedleFree Systems has been highly successful in supporting the industry’s implementation of the Pulse technology in Manitoba over the past year.
The Puratone Corporation is among the many Manitoba producers that have recently
implemented the Pulse technology in their operations. Puratone, recognised as one of the most
efficient pork producers in North America, markets over 500,000 hogs annually.
“The Puratone Corporation has adopted the needle-free delivery technology in response to the
voice of the customer and to reduce the risks associated with conventional needling that our
employees deal with every day. The expertise of Pulse NeedleFree Systems and their assistance with the training program has given us a remarkably seamless transition to this new technology,” said Lyle Loewen, Vice President Production at Puratone.
“Puratone is an industry leader that is highly focused on quality production, animal well-being and environmental stewardship. Pulse is excited to add Puratone to our growing Canadian customer base and we appreciate the confidence that they place in our company and technology,” said Edward Stevens, chief executive officer of Pulse NeedleFree Systems.
Puratone is among the many Canadian Quality Assurance certified pork producers in Manitoba that are switching to Pulse’s needle-free technology under the MAFRI “Growing Forward” program. Pulse NeedleFree Systems’ devices improve animal health and safety by avoiding needle-based disease transmission and ensuring accurate delivery of products to the target tissue. Pulse injection systems also advance food safety and eliminate the environmental sharps waste from syringes.
Pulse NeedleFree Systems, Inc. is the leading developer and supplier of needle-free injection systems for the animal health industry.