Belarus bans pig imports from Mongolia

15-07-2014 | | |
Belarus bans pig imports from Mongolia

Belarus have introduced temporary restrictions on the import of pork from Mongolia from the 12 July, according to the department for veterinary and food supervision at the Agriculture and Food Ministry of Belarus.

The decision was made after an incident of classical swine fever was registered in one of aimaks (regions) of Mongolia.

Belarus has restricted the import of live pigs, pork and products, raw hides and casings, horns and hoofs, pig hair, brawn, hunter’s tropheys, fodder and supplements of animal and vegetable origin, including those made of poultry and fish, feed additives for cats and dogs made of products from Mongolia which did not undergo heat treatment, used equipment for pig breeding, slaughter, butchering and transportation of pigs.

“Measures should be taken to provide biological protection for pig-breeding farms of all forms of ownership,” the department noted.

At the same time, Russian veterinary watchdog Rosselhoznadzor warned that the disease may be transferred from the neighbouring Mongolian regions to the territory of Russia. According Russian vets there are not a lot of pig farms in the bordering territories; however Russian producers have been advised to vaccinate the animals.

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Vladislav Vorotnikov Eastern Europe correspondent