ASF Poland: Virus comes at 10km from German border

28-03-2020 | | |
Photo: Iwana Markowska-Daniel
Photo: Iwana Markowska-Daniel

After a busy week with many new deceased wild boar been discovered in Western Poland, the news broke that an infected wild boar has been found infected with African Swine Fever at 10.5km from the border with Germany.

The animal was found close to the village Mieszków, at about 16km west of the city Zary and at 14km east of the German border city Bad Muskau. Around Zary, in the recent past more positive African Swine Fever (ASF) cases have been found in wild boar – this week there were 3 more. So far, the closest case found was at 12.5km from the border with Germany – that case was also near Zary, roughly 11km away from the current finding, and found mid-January.

The news comes in a week when also the 1st pig farm was confirmed infected in Western Poland. A farm with 23,700 pigs in the heart of the infected area reported that about 135 animals had died, with the rest of the farm having to be culled.

Germany: 2nd largest pig producer in Europe

The proximity to Germany makes the finding relevant, as it Europe’s 2nd largest producer of pork. A fair share of weaner pigs produced in Denmark and the Netherlands goes to Germany for finishing. In case Germany would confirm a positive case of ASF in its wild boar population, the county will most likely face export bans.

March: Infected wild boar found at 209 locations

The Polish Central Veterinary Inspectorate (CVI) communicates locations of finding places, and only at a later stage the amount of animals at such a spot becomes clear. In March 2020 now 209 finding places have been communicated in Western Poland, which is a strong increase in comparison to February (143) or January (110).

The virus has been active in Poland since 2014, but in November 2019 the virus also jumped to Western Poland. Ever since the Polish Central Veterinary Inspectorate (CVI) has reported 568 finding places in 3 provinces in Western Poland:

  • Lubusz (463)
  • Greater Poland (95)
  • Lower Silesia (10)

In the rest of Poland, in 5 provinces in the east, infected wild boar continue to be found as well. Throughout the whole of Poland, already over 1,600 infected wild boar have been found in 2020 alone.

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