ASF Dominican Republic: 30,000 pigs culled, farmers compensated

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Proof of payment: Producers in Monte Cristi and Dajabón provinces received a payment for culled pigs.
Proof of payment: Producers in Monte Cristi and Dajabón provinces received a payment for culled pigs.

In an attempt to keep the outbreaks of African Swine Fever (ASF) under control in the Dominican Republic, the very precise number of 30,991 pigs has been communicated as the amount of pigs that has been culled so far.

These data were provided by the Dominican Republic’s ministry of agriculture and quoted by various media throughout the country.

Compensation payments in 4 provinces

According to the ministry, now in 4 provinces payments worth RD$ 69.5 million (US$ 1.2 million) have been made to in total 275 pork producers in compensation for their losses. The compensations are being made in accordance with market prices, the ministry said.

In Monte Cristi province, a total of 91 producers received RD$ 8.4 million (US$ 147,000) for their culled animals and another 62 producers from Dajabón province received an amount of RD$ 12.9 million (US$ 225,000). Media reporting about these gifts speak of “porcicultores de traspatio”, i.e. backyard producers.

In an earlier stage, the ministry said that in Santiago Rodríguez province, an amount of RD$ 8.4 million (US$ 147,000) was paid to 42 pig farmers, for 1,032 pigs. Figures for Sánchez Ramírez province amounted to at least RD $39.7 million (US$ 690,000), paid to the first 80 farmers for 3,783 pigs.

According to the ministry now in total RD$ 69,587,000 have been distributed to producers in 4 of the 14 provinces affected by ASF to the benefit of 275 producers.

“No ASF results from new provinces”

The Diario Libre also quoted Erick Montilla, communications director at the agricultural ministry, who said: “The Official Commission for the Control and Eradication of Outbreaks of African Swine Fever continues to do its job and so far there are no results implicating new provinces, but they are under surveillance, so in case of any suspected case, it’s possible to act immediately, have these quarantined and samples taken and sent to the laboratory.”

According to official reporting by the Dominican authorities, ASF was confirmed in 14 provinces: Sánchez Ramírez, Duarte, Santiago, Hermanas Mirabal, La Vega, Espaillat, Monte Cristi, Dajabón, Santiago Rodríguez, San Pedro de Macorís, Elías Piña, San Juan, Monte Plata and the National District, see also the map.

On the basis of an update from the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), it became clear last Monday that the virus has also been found in Santo Domingo province, which would bring the total of infected provinces to 15.

Biosecurity checkpoints at border crossings

The authorities announced that all entrances and exits of ASF positive provinces will be guarded by biosecurity brigades to disinfect vehicles. It is a comprehensive effort by the agricultural ministry, emergency operations centre, fire brigade, police and the military.

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